How do I add or update a product feed?

A product feed is simply a file that contains our product information.

With the product feed, you can keep up to date on all of our inventory, product additions and product changes.

The feed is updated every night so it's important that you update your website accordingly to ensure the most accurate information.

We recommend your developer, programmer, or technical team build an automatic update script for your website. Visit our resources section to get more information on companies that provide this service.

Create a feed

To add a feed from your dashboard, click on the "Feeds" tab and click "Add a product feed"

We require a few pieces of information for every feed.

  • Feed Title

    This field should describe how you are using the feed. An example might be "Items sold on my website" or "Auto accessories feed for my online catalog".

    This is also the label that your feed will be given if you need to update or delete it in the future.

  • URL

    The URL field should contain the website you are planning to use the feed on.

  • Agree to terms of use

    We ask that you agree to our terms of use before creating a feed.

Customizing your feed

After you've selected a title, url and agree to our terms you'll be brought to a page with several feed customization options.

Feed Options

  • Closeouts:

    Include closeouts in your product feed. A closeout is a deal with an expiration date. Once we sell out, it is likely we will not get the merchandise back in stock. These are very popular because closeouts are typically high profit items for our resellers.

  • Displays:

    Displays are a very specific type of product. They come pre-packaged for retail display. These items are very popular among our customers who sell to other resellers.

  • Product Attributes:

    Product attributes include whether or not the item is assorted.

    An assortment is a special kind of product that may or may not have many different kinds of the same product bundled together.

    Example: Our toy water guns may come in 3 different colors. When you order our assorted toy water guns you will receive an assortement of colors.

  • Product Colors:

    This option will include the product colors.

  • Product Materials:

    This option will include what materials the product is made of.

  • Product Brands:

    This option will include the brand names for the products.

Product Images

Our products images come in 4 different aspect ratios.

  • Square
  • Widescreen
  • Portrait
  • Landscape

Image Sizes

For each iamge aspect ratio, there are 3 sizes.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large:

Please Contact Us if you need additional image sizes. We cannot guarantee all sizes and dimensions but we will do our best to accomodate.


After deciding on what options to include in your product feed, you'll be presented with a long list of categories.

It's recommended that you carefully choose which categories fit your business, but your also encouraged to keep an open mind as many of the categories listed can be cross promoted.

Once you are finished customizing your product feed, you will be brought back to the feed management page.

Manage your feeds

We allow you to have up to 10 feeds per account.

After you've created your first feed, you'll see a table with several fields.

  • Feed:

    This is the title you gave your feed during the initial creation process. This can be changed by clicking on the edit link.

  • Access Key:

    This is a 32 character code that you can use to access your feed without having to manually download it every time. This is described more in depth in the Download your feed section below.

  • Last Download:

    This is the date of the last time you downloaded your feed.

    If you see a warning sign next to this date that is because you haven't downloaded your feed in over 5 days.

    Normally we can guarantee 99.9% inventory accuracy. If you haven't updated your product feed we cannot guarantee fullfillment of your order.

  • XML:

    Click on this icon to download your feed in an XML format.

  • CSV:

    Click on this icon to download your feed in a CSV (excel) format.

  • Edit:

    Click on this icon to make changes to your feed.

  • Delete:

    Click on this icon to delete a feed.