How To Calculate The Shipping Cost For An Order

To calculate the shipping cost of an order, you can either use the data in your product feed to calculate the shipping, or you can manually enter the item into a mock order.

Your product feed will give you updated information on our items, including sizes and weights, which you can use to calculate shipping from our warehouse at 24600 Main Street, Carson, CA to your customer's address. You will need to import the data from the feed into your system, and connect to the FedEx or UPS API to calculate the shipping cost. More information on how to use a product feed can be found here.

If you don't want to use the product feed, you can calculate shipping manually for an item going to a particular address. To do this, go to your dashboard, and then to the Orders tab and start an order for the item for your customer. Keep entering the order until you get to the point where you see the shipping cost and then cancel the order.