How do I place an order?

Placing an order with this application is a simple, straightforward process. Careful attention was paid to the fact that you, the user, requires a speedy ordering process.

Because speed and efficiency are so important, we do require that you set up your account properly before placing an order.

Placing an Order

Traditionally, when you place an order online you browse through an online catalog, select items that you want to buy, and go through the checkout process.

This application works a little differently.

Steps for placing an order

  1. From anywhere on the site, click the large green button on the upper right hand corner that says "Start a new order". This button brings you to our shopping cart.

  2. A page with a search box labeled Item SKU, UPC, or Keyword: should be on the page. Start typing in a SKU. (e.g. KK002)

  3. You will be presented with a list of items that may match what you are looking for. Find the item on the list, select your desired quantity, and hit the add to cart button.

    If the item you are looking for isn't on the list you may have to be more specific.

    If you are using an older version of the product feed, some items might not be found. In that case, please contact us for alternative instructions.

  4. There are a few features to note within the shopping cart.

    • Quantity selection can be controlled by either direct input or the arrows that follow the quantity textbox.
    • The price to the left of the quantity is the per piece price.
    • The price to the right of the quantity is the total price for that item. (item × quantity)
    • Adjusting quantity will auto-adjust the pricing.
    • On the bottom left of each item row you'll see a green bar labeled availability. This marker acts as a visual indicator for our current inventory.

    Once you are finished selecting items, click the checkout button at the bottom of the page.

  5. On this page you are required to submit your customer's shipping address. Please be as accurate as possible to avoid potential order delays.

  6. In addition to the recipient's shipping address, we offer a few optional customer service options.

    • Email Tracking Notification: The shipping carrier will automatically send a tracking email to your customer or other email address in addition to your account email address. This email will originate from the FedEx or UPS serverand will not make any mention of Kole Imports.
    • Recipient Phone Number: If for some reason there is a problem with the order after it has shipped this number will be used by the driver to contact the recipient.
    • Shipping Notes: Sometimes recipients require specific delivery instructions. This is where you would stipulate those instructions.

    Proceed to the next page by clicking the select shipping method button.

  7. On this page you will be presented with all available shipping methods.

    By default, you can choose either FedEx or UPS using our account. This option allows you to pay for shipping with your credit card but your package is delivered as if it is coming from your company. This is called blind shipping.

    You also have the option to add your own shipping account. Some users prefer to use their own accounts.

    After you've selected a shipping method click on the get shipping rates button.

  8. On this page you will be presented with several different shipping options and their corresponding rates.

    We try to offer as many options as possible. At the current time, we do not support international shipping.

    After you've selected your shipping rates click the select payment method button.

  9. If you haven't already set up a payment method, you will be prompted to do so. Otherwise we ask that you select the desired method of payment from a dropdown box and enter in the credit card's Card Code.

    We require the card code for many reasons but the primary reason is security.

    Click the review order button.

  10. At this point, you may enter in a purchase order order number, any special order notes, review your order and submit it for approval.

Checking order status

To check the status of an order, from the dashboard select the Orders tab.

You will see a list of your orders. The order status should tell you what point in the process your order is currently in. There are 6 possible order statuses:

  • Processing: The order has been placed but hasn't been paid for. Often this is because of the credit card was declined or there was an error in the order. Clicking on the order details icon will give more information.
  • Charged: A charged order is one that has been paid for and is currently in the order queue.
  • Packaging: The order is being pulled in the warehouse and packaged for shipment.
  • Shipped: The order has been shipped.
  • Void: The order has been cancelled.
  • Hold: The order is on hold for review.

Order Tracking

Once your order has been shipped, the orders page will display a small icon of a truck. If you click on this icon you'll be brought to a tracking page with information about your order.

If you want more information such as the tracking number, click on the order details icon.


To view your order invoice, click on the order details icon located next to each order on the order management page.

Cancelling an order

An order can only be cancelled under special circumstances and only before the order has shipped. If you require an order to be cancelled please contact us.